Keep recycling the limited resources on the earth

We are dedicated to research and development of the biodegradable high polymer materials. The production process of our polylactic acid copolymer products is eco-friendly and pollution free. And the products are biodegradable which can realize the cycle in nature. Therefore, it is an ideal eco-friendly high polymer material.


Gathered experts from multiple fields, Green polymer owns technology covering whole industrial chain such as resin synthesis, modification, application development and core additives.


Taking several years to get the certifications of world authorities of eco-products, Green Polymer has opened the door to the global market.

Industrial Integration

Trough technical cooperation, resource sharing and share cooperation, Green Polymer build industrial alliance with several top institutions in China.

Company profile

Established in 2015, Henan Green Polymer Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in R&D, production and sales of biodegradable materials and finish products. The self-developed PLA copolymerization is with the characteristics of leading technology, high efficiency and perfect function. Cooperated with well known research institutes in China, Green Polymer has strong innovation ability and high scientific research level.

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